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Planned and past litters...

2019 Litter planned. This will be Ember's first litter and she was bred to Thorin. Artificial insemination was done earlier in 2019, and pregnancy is to be confirmed via ultrasound on Friday April 26th. This waiting list is full, but this can always change. 

2019 Litter planned. This will probably be Ruuq's last litter. Approximate date she will be bred is October 2019. This waiting list is open.

2018 "Pleiades" Litter born April 18th -- THIS LITTER IS SOLD

Ruuq was bred to Kaya on Valentines Day 2018. Ruuq free-whelped eight pups at home on 18th April. This is our third Puppy Culture litter. To learn more about PC, visit: www.puppyculture.com

2017 "Totem" Litter born February 5th - THIS LITTER IS SOLD

Ruuq was bred to Darwin last fall via side by side AI. Ruuq whelped six pups at home on Feb. 5th, 2017. This is our second Puppy Culture litter. To learn more about PC, visit: www.puppyculture.com

2016 "National Parks" Litter born July 5th - 

Raven was bred to Arrow on May 5, 2016 via frozen surgical insemination. Raven whelped nine beautiful babies at home on July 5th, 2016. This is our first Puppy Culture litter. To learn more about Puppy Culture, visit: www.puppyculture.com 

2014 "Snow" litter born May 27th 

For 2014, we planned an outcross litter with ARBA Jr CH & KCUSA CH Freyja and a very special foundation dog. To create a breed, it is said that at least 8 lines are needed. The Tamaskan Dog currently has two lines. To help strengthen the breed genetically, new dogs must be brought in carefully over a long period of time. We have found an outstanding stud and his name is Arrow at Points Unknown. His hip scores and elbow scores recently came back from the BVA. He has a BVA hips 6 and BVA elbows 0. He has his CERF which is clear, and his DM results can be viewed here. He has also been DNA profiled to prove parentage. This litter is an approved outcross by the Tamaskan Dog Register, our international registry organization. Puppies will be registered with the TDR and with the American Rare Breed Association. This is Freyja's final litter. Freyja is now retired.

2013 "Pi" Litter

Freyja was bred to Zephyr (Blustag Blue Gem at Basalt) on January 11th and 13th in the UP of Michigan. What a beautiful place for a romantic doggie weekend! A special thank-you to Basalt Tamaskan for such a lovely weekend. I truly wish we lived closer to each other. Six puppies were born March 14, 2013. We did a "Pi" theme to celebrate the date on which they were born: 3.14. Freyja had four boys and two girls.

2012 "Yellowstone" litter born January 11th

See our Litter page for details. Visit our Facebook page for photos.

Freyja whelped 9 beautiful Tamaskan Dog puppies on January 11th: 5 girls and 4 boys. All are healthy and growing well. Two pups, one girl and one boy, are the Red Grey coloration--but time will tell as their coats change quite a bit while growing. The remaining 7 pups seem to be identical to Dylan's coloration (more reddish) or Freyja's coloration (more dark). Both sire and dam are considered Wolf Grey.

We chose a "Yellowstone" theme because we lived in Bozeman, Montana. Our hearts are still very much tied to the park--and each pup was given a name based on our favorite places in Yellowstone National Park. 

Freyja and Tracy drove to Wisconsin to stay with Moondance Tamaskan in the beginning of November. Freyja was successfully bred to Dylan (Sugalba Pigs Might Fly at Moondance). Dylan was the 2011 "Best of Show" at the US Tamaskan Dog Club Annual Breed Show held June 2012. 



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