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Hawthorne Tamaskan is a registered breeder of Tamaskan Dogs through the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR). The TDR is the official worldwide registry of Tamaskan Dogs--there is no other! Tamaskan Dogs are a recognized rare breed with the American Rare Breed Association and Kennel Club USA.

Hawthorne Astrila -- "Ruuq"

Ruuq is a Snow Litter puppy out of Freyja and sired by Points Unknown Arrow ("Arrow"). Arrow represents a new foundation dog for the Tamaskan. Ruuq is an Inuit word meaning "Arrow;" she is named after her father. She is a wolf gray Tamaskan and was born on the 27th of May 2014. She has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten. Ruuq is clear for DM by parentage (meaning both dam and sire are clear (N/N) for DM, which has also been confirmed by MyDogDNA. Ruuq has OFA Excellent hips and OFA Normal elbows; and BVA 8 hips and BVA 0 elbows. Her DNA Parentage test from GeneSeek is completed. Ruuq and our male Darwin produced a litter of six in 2017. Ruuq shows enormous potential as a confirmation show dog as well as an agility prospect. Ruuq has a completed MyDogDNA profile.

Ruuq is 60 pounds and 26" at the shoulder.

Hawthorne Gates of the Arctic - "Ember"

Ember is a National Parks litter puppy out of Raven and sired by Arrow (Points Unknown Arrow). She is a wolf gray Tamaskan and was born on July 5th, 2016. Ember had her hips and elbows scored with the British Veterinary Association in 2018 and she received the coveted 0 for hips and 0 for elbows! Her eye results can be found on the OFA website here. She loves to cuddle and will frequently lay in our laps on the couch. Ember has her Embark profile completed. She is clear for VW, and a DM carrier. Ember enrolled in scent work class Fall 2018 and really enjoyed it. We look forward to her competing in CWAGS scent trial events in the future!

Ember is 65 pounds and 27" at the shoulder.

J&J Devil of Piru at Hawthorne - "Darwin"

We brought Darwin home in April of 2011. J&J Devil of Piru is a rescued Tamaskan Dog, and is out of J&J Kennels. Darwin is currently 100 pounds full grown and filled out. Darwin had his hip xrays done on May 9th, 2012. They have been mailed scored by the BVA and his results are a 6. Darwin's DM results are Clear, and can be viewed in the OFA database.  His DNA Parentage test was submitted through Scidera, and his DNA certificate is available. Darwin also has a normal CAER eye test  from April 2017. Darwin graduated from Beginners Obedience in July of 2012.

Darwin won Graduate 2nd Place Dog at the USTDC Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 15th, 2013. Darwin won Special Yearling Dog 1st Place at the National Tamaskan Club of America Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 30th, 2012. 

Darwin was used as a complete outcross for the Chinook breeding program. Darwin and Calista produced 6 lovely pups which were evaluated by Pat Hastings! Darwin sired a third litter in the Fall of 2016 with our female Ruuq. Six pups were born 5th February 2017. He also sired a litter mid July 2013 with Rhea at White Elk. Together they produced 10 healthy puppies. Check their page for photos. Darwin visited Country Companion Pet Hospital in Morgantown, PA to have a complete sperm analysis done in September 2016. His results are excellent. For details, please contact us. He sired a single male puppy to Leilah at Sierra Tamaskan via Artificial Insemination. Darwin has a completed MyDogDNA profile

Darwin is 100 pounds and 28" at the shoulder. 

Hawthorne Black Dragon's Cauldron - "Raven"

Raven is a Yellowstone Litter puppy out of Freyja and sired by Dylan (Sugalba Pigs Might Fly at Moondance). She is a Red Gray Tamaskan and was born on January 11, 2012. She graduated from Puppy Kindergarten, and is a recipient of the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program. She graduated from Manners class in Summer of 2012 as well as Beginners Agility class.

We tested all of the female pups in the Yellowstone litter for DM, as so many folks expressed an interest in breeding. At the time, only females would be going to breeding homes so we tested all five females. Their results can be viewed here. Raven is a "Carrier" for DM: N/n. This means that she must be bred to only "Clear" males: N/N so that pups she produces will all only be clear: N/N or carrier: N/n. No pups from a resulting mating will suffer from the disease. Raven's hip scores were done in Summer of 2013 and she is a BVA 10 -- a great improvement over her dam's hip testing! Raven also has a perfect score for elbows: BVA 0/0. She also has a normal CAER eye test as of April 2015 and again in 2016.

Raven won Best of Breed at the US Tamaskan Dog Club Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 15th, 2013! Raven won Minor Puppy Bitch 1st Place at the National Tamaskan Club of America Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 30th, 2012. Raven had a litter of nine pups in July 2016. Raven was diagnosed with Addison's Disease in February 2017 so was spayed and retired. She will live out her life with us as our pet. Raven has a completed MyDogDNA profile and Embark profile

Raven is 75 pounds and 27" at the shoulder.  

ARBA Jr. CH, KCUSA CH Tarheel Ocrakoke Treasure at Hawthorne - "Freyja"

Hawthorne Tamaskan brought home their beloved addition in April 2009. Freyja has passing hip scores from the British Veterinary Association (BVA). As of summer 2011, all Tamaskan Dogs must be scored through the BVA. Freyja also has test results from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Her test results for DM are "Clear" which means she does not carry the genes for this debilitating disease: N/N. Her results can be viewed on the OFA website. Freyja also has a normal CAER eye exam August 2018. So at the age of 9, this clears her for juvenile cataracts. Freyja earned her Basic Obedience certificate in Summer of 2009. She also graduated from Manners class in January 2013. Freyja won Second Place Graduate Bitch at the USTDC Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 15th, 2013. Freyja won Best of Breed at the US Tamaskan Dog Club Annual Breed Show in Madison, WI on June 30, 2012. Freyja earned her Jr. Ch. with the American Rare Breed Association and her Kennel Club USA Championship.  Freyja has whelped three litters and is now retired. Freyja has a completed MyDogDNA profile.

Freyja is 75 pounds and 27" at the shoulder.  

To keep the US Tamaskan lines diversified & strong, we intend to work closely with other TDR breeders.